At Samaa Digital we reserve the right to moderate, edit and delete comments posted to our website and on all our social media accounts.

We value our readers and viewers who wish to take part in an informed debate after they read our stories or watch our videos. We welcome feedback.

We value comments which:

  • Point out factual inaccuracies with references to correct information.
  • Drive forward debate by giving opinion based on the facts.
  • Point out flaws in reasoning from other commentators (but without attacking their personhood).
  • Share personal stories or experiences related to the issue discussed in article or video.
  • Communicate with other readers/viewers in response to their comments to have an intelligent conversation about the topic.

We remove comments if they do any of the following:

  • Contain expletives, swear words, abusive language in any language.
  • Attack other commenters, users, authors, or the people who are the subject of the story.
  • Criticize or put down or denigrate people or communities based on their identity (religious, ethno-linguistic, appearance, ability, gender).
  • Post content unrelated to the story, or fall under the spam category.
  • Promote businesses, products, or services.
  • Contain hate speech, threats of any kind or are offensive.
  • Constitute as defamation or libel.

This is a developing document. We welcome feedback that is helpful, informative and critical to improve these guidelines. For complaints please email: digital.all (at) and address to the editor.