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Six suspected LeJ sectarian killers arrested 0

🕔 00:08 Apr 19, 2014 Updated

LAHORE: The police said on Friday they have arrested six men suspected of being behind a string of high-profile killings and assassination attempts linked to a banned sectarian group. The arrests are a rare success for the police, who have a ...

5 Reasons to NOT Watch “Main Tera Hero” 0

🕔 13:40 Apr 17, 2014 Updated

1) Conventional David Dhawan Bollywood masala film-with a bit of everything-romance, passion and of course comedy. What’s there to spend bucks on in cinema when you’ve watched even one film from the director? They’re all the ...

Rain ruins wheat crops in Punjab 0

🕔 20:17 Apr 18, 2014 Updated

LAHORE/MULTAN: Heavy rains and hailstorms Friday caused a massive devastation to winter-sown crops that were ready to be harvested in Punjab. Lahore, Multan and other cities of the province received ...

Twitter broadens advertising reach 0

🕔 10:09 Apr 18, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter Inc took a significant step Thursday towards broaden its advertising business by offering mobile ads urging people to install apps on its social network as well as through MoPub, the mobile-advertising network it acquired last ...

News Beat 18 April 2014 Samaa tv 0

🕔 19 Apr Updated

NewsBeat is the gateway to all the current stories that manage to form the headlines. From political hallway of power to social conventions, Paras ...

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Do MQM workers deserve to be slaughtered? 0

🕔 13:03 Apr 18, 2014 Updated

On 17th March 2014, various news channels aired a picture of Yawar Abbas Rizvi with the headline: "Three bodies of MQM workers found near ...


Magnitude 7 quake rattles Mexico City 0

🕔 20:07 Apr 18, 2014 Updated

MEXICO CITY:  A powerful 7.0-magnitude earthquake rattled Mexico City on Friday, swaying buildings, shattering windows and prompting people to ...


Junk food makes you lazy 0

🕔 13:16 Apr 18, 2014

ISLAMABAD: According to the study, the energy-draining effects of junk food can persist even when someone is switched to a healthy eating ...

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