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Deadlock may lead towards clash: Malik

🕔 14:04 Aug 22, 2014 Updated

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Rehman Malik again urged for talks to defuse political tension, saying the deadlock is going towards clash.Talking to newsmen here on Friday, Malik said that there were no serious efforts made ...

Shakira hit song 'Loca' is copy

🕔 11:35 Aug 22, 2014 Updated

NEW YORK: Colombian pop star Shakira's 2010 hit song "Loca" is an illegal copy of a tune written by a Dominican musician in 1998, a US judge said Wednesday in a copyright trial.In a 40-page ruling Judge Alvin Hellerstein said the song was a ...

Hitchhiking robot reaches journey's end in Canada

🕔 00:47 Aug 22, 2014

OTTAWA: A chatty robot with an LED-lit smiley face sent hitchhiking across Canada this summer as part of a social experiment reached its final destination Thursday after several thousand kilometers on the road. HitchBot, assembled from household ...

Live Updates: Azadi March and Inqilaab March hog Red Zone

🕔 21 Aug Updated

Read previous updates of Azadi March and Inqilab March and sit-in protest in ...

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Israel air strikes kill four more Palestinians

🕔 13:11 Aug 22, 2014

GAZA CITY: Israeli air strikes killed four Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on Friday, two in Deir al-Balah and two in Nusseirat, an emergency services ...


Drunk driver escapes in Canada cop car

🕔 01:52 Aug 22, 2014 Updated

OTTAWA: Red-faced Canadian federal police launched a review of their arrest and detention procedures on Thursday after a drunk driving suspect stole ...


Instant noodles carry health risks: study

🕔 02:04 Aug 22, 2014 Updated

WASHINGTON: Women who eat instant noodles, like Ramen, at least two times a week face a greater risk of high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and ...