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Siraj led Jirga says good news in the offing

🕔 02:05 Sep 03, 2014 Updated

ISLAMABAD: A six-member cross-party negotiation team dubbed as Awami Jirga (council of people's elders), met with protesting parties leaders in a bid to end a standoff that has seen three killed and hundreds injured in clashes between police and ...

Pakistan's promises to IMF in doubt

🕔 21:39 Sep 02, 2014 Updated

ISLAMABAD: Anti-government protests that have gripped Islamabad since mid-August could throw off course economic reforms Pakistan promised to deliver in return for an IMF bailout, senior officials ...

New Apple iPhone to have 'mobile wallet' function

🕔 04:30 Sep 02, 2014

NEW YORK: Apple Inc plans to enable its next iPhone to become a mobile wallet by allowing owners to securely make mobile payments in a store with the touch of a finger, Bloomberg said on Sunday, citing a person familiar with the situation.The ...

Nadeem Malik Live, 02 Sep 2014 Samaa Tv

🕔 3 Sep Updated

Nadeem Malik Live is a serious current affairs program covering realm of political and national issues. With his fair analysis and informative input ...

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US targets Shebab leader in Somalia air strike

🕔 02:50 Sep 03, 2014 Updated

MOGADISHU:  US forces have carried out air strikes against senior members of Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab rebels, with casualties reported ...


US flight diverted over reclining seat dispute

🕔 01:06 Sep 03, 2014

NEW YORK: An argument over leg room and reclining seats forced a Florida-bound flight from New York to divert to a different airport late on Monday, ...


Ebola kills 31 people in DR Congo: WHO

🕔 16:16 Sep 02, 2014

KINSHASA: An outbreak of the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo has killed 31 people and the epidemic remains contained within the ...