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80 suspects arrested near Peshawar school

🕔 10:35 Dec 21, 2014

PESHAWAR: At least eighty suspected persons were arrested during a search operation conducted at Warsak Road of the city on Sunday.According to reports, the arrested persons included Afghanis and tribal people. The police also checked the locals ...

Interrogation, 20 Dec 2014 Samaa tv

🕔 20 Dec Updated

57% of crimes are admitted during interrogation sessions. 16% of people admit to these crimes due to psychological pressure while 84% admit due to ...

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Two New York police officers killed, gunman dead

🕔 04:11 Dec 21, 2014 Updated

NEW YORK: A gunman killed two New York police officers as they sat in their squad car on Saturday and then turned his weapon on himself, the New York ...


Mother charged with murder of eight children

🕔 10:06 Dec 21, 2014 Updated

CAIRNS, Australia: The mother of seven of eight children killed in the northern city of Cairns was charged with their murder on Sunday, Australian ...


Death toll rises to 240 in Thar

🕔 10:37 Dec 21, 2014 Updated

MITHI: Two more children have died due to malnutrition, pneumonia and other diseases in drought-hit Tharparkar on Sunday, bringing the death toll to ...