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Clash between PTI, PML-N workers averted in Lahore

🕔 22:06 Aug 22, 2014 Updated

LAHORE: Police averted a potential clash between the baton-wielding workers of the PML-N and participants of PTI’s sit-in in Lahore on Friday. Hundreds of PTI’s supporters, including women and children, are staging a sit-in at Lalak ...

Shakira hit song 'Loca' is copy

🕔 11:35 Aug 22, 2014 Updated

NEW YORK: Colombian pop star Shakira's 2010 hit song "Loca" is an illegal copy of a tune written by a Dominican musician in 1998, a US judge said Wednesday in a copyright trial.In a 40-page ruling Judge Alvin Hellerstein said the song was a ...

Hitchhiking robot reaches journey's end in Canada

🕔 00:47 Aug 22, 2014

OTTAWA: A chatty robot with an LED-lit smiley face sent hitchhiking across Canada this summer as part of a social experiment reached its final destination Thursday after several thousand kilometers on the road. HitchBot, assembled from household ...

Live Updates: Azadi March and Inqilaab March hog Red Zone 7

🕔 21 Aug Updated

Read previous updates of Azadi March and Inqilab March and sit-in protest in ...

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Israel air strikes kill four more Palestinians

🕔 13:11 Aug 22, 2014

GAZA CITY: Israeli air strikes killed four Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on Friday, two in Deir al-Balah and two in Nusseirat, an emergency services ...


Drunk driver escapes in Canada cop car

🕔 01:52 Aug 22, 2014 Updated

OTTAWA: Red-faced Canadian federal police launched a review of their arrest and detention procedures on Thursday after a drunk driving suspect stole ...


Instant noodles carry health risks: study

🕔 02:04 Aug 22, 2014 Updated

WASHINGTON: Women who eat instant noodles, like Ramen, at least two times a week face a greater risk of high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and ...