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PML-N, PPP rejected by people: Qureshi

🕔 18:03 Nov 23, 2014

GUJRANWALA: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that both PML-N and PPP have been rejected by the government. Addressing a massive gathering of supporters at Jinnah Stadium in Gujranwala on Sunday, Qureshi said ...

Waheed Murad; still alive in the hearts

🕔 14:37 Nov 23, 2014 Updated

ISLAMABAD: Legendary Pakistani film actor, producer and script writer Waheed Murad was remembered on his 31th death anniversary on Sunday. Waheed Murad was born on October 2, 1938 in Sialkot and he was the only child of well-off film distributor ...

Facebook 'newspaper' spells trouble for media

🕔 10:42 Nov 23, 2014

WASHINGTON: Facebook's move to fulfill its ambition to be the personal "newspaper" for its billion-plus members is likely to mean more woes for the ailing news media.The huge social network has become a key source of news for many users, as part of ...

News Beat, 22 Nov 2014 Samaa Tv

🕔 23 Nov Updated

NewsBeat is the gateway to all the current stories that manage to form the headlines. From political hallway of power to social conventions, Paras ...

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Modi's Hindu nationalists eye power in Kashmir

🕔 09:22 Nov 23, 2014 Updated

NEW DELHI: As armed police in bullet-proof vests patrolled the tense streets of India's only Muslim majority state, Bharatiya Janata Party candidate ...


Brazil alters flight number after 'crash prophecy'

🕔 07:31 Nov 23, 2014

SAO PAULO: Brazilian airline TAM changed one of its flight numbers after a renowned clairvoyant predicted a plane bearing the original number would ...


Dutch to cull 8,000 ducks in anti bird flu drive

🕔 07:40 Nov 23, 2014

AMSTERDAM: Dutch health authorities on Saturday were destroying 8,000 ducks to prevent the possible spread of bird flu, which has infected three ...


Do you suggest depreciation of price of sugar in Pakistan considering it stands at Rs 35/kg in international market?