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Slain KU professor had received threats: sources

🕔 14:22 Sep 18, 2014

KARACHI: Professor Dr. Shakeel Auj, who was gunned down on a busy road in a broad daylight earlier today, had received threats on mobile phone, police sources told Samaa. According to sources, Dr. Auj had also got a case registered in Mobina Town ...

Mexico lawmakers seek to fine Miley Cyrus

🕔 10:27 Sep 18, 2014 Updated

MONTERREY: A Mexican state legislature has asked the country's federal government to fine singer Miley Cyrus after one of her dancers spanked Cyrus's backside with a Mexican flag as she "twerked" during an independence day performance.Cyrus, 21, who ...

Qutb Online, 18 Sep 2014 Samaa Tv

🕔 18 Sep Updated

An interesting amalgamation of religious and philosophical content, Qutb Online will address various principles of Islam. The program highlights ...

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Scots to vote on fate of UK today

🕔 10:17 Sep 18, 2014

EDINBURGH: Just hours before Scotland's independence referendum, the fate of the United Kingdom rests on hundreds of thousands of wavering Scottish ...


Two-headed baby dies in Karachi

🕔 13:37 Sep 18, 2014 Updated

KARACHI: A newly born two-headed (conjoined) baby who was under treatment in Karachi’s National Institute of Child Health (NICH) in serious ...


WB warns of 'catastrophic' economic impact from Ebola

🕔 22:04 Sep 17, 2014 Updated

WASHINGTON: The World Bank warned Wednesday that the deadly Ebola epidemic could be an unmitigated disaster for West African economies, and called ...