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Protest outside Lal Masjid over Peshawar tragedy

🕔 19:59 Dec 18, 2014 Updated

ISLAMABAD: Hundreds of civil society members Thursday held a protest demonstration outside Lal Masjid in Islamabad against an attack on army-run school in Peshawar that left 148 people dead, mostly students. The demonstrators also lit candles in ...

Microsoft's Skype moves toward auto-translation

🕔 00:29 Dec 16, 2014

WASHINGTON: Microsoft announced Monday a new step toward real-time translation, launching a Spanish-English test program using its Skype messaging service. "Today, we are excited to announce the first phase of the Skype Translator preview program," ...

Subah Saverey Samaa Kay Saath, 18 Dec 2014 Samaa Tv

🕔 18 Dec Updated

Revitalize your mornings with more energy, spark, hungama, celebrity gup-shup and new campaigns for an ideal start to your day. SUBAH SAVEREY ...

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Nigeria sentences 54 troops to death for mutiny

🕔 17:11 Dec 18, 2014 Updated

ABUJA: Nigeria has sentenced 54 soldiers to death by firing squad for mutiny while fighting against insurgents in the northeast, their lawyer said on ...


Did Mars have life? NASA rover finds organic chemicals  

🕔 01:25 Dec 17, 2014

CAPE CANAVERAL: Methane in the Martian atmosphere and organic chemicals in the red planet's soil are the latest tantalizing findings of NASA's Mars ...


Pneumonia kills three more children in Thar

🕔 10:47 Dec 18, 2014 Updated

MITHI: Three more children have died due to pneumonia and other diseases in drought-hit Tharparkar on Thursday, bringing the death toll to 227 in ...


Will PM-formed committee be able to take concrete steps?