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Military plane airlifts Shikarpur victims to Karachi

🕔 02:20 Jan 31, 2015 Updated

ISLAMABAD: A number of seriously injured casualties were airlifted to Karachi from Shikarpur here late on Friday night, Samaa reported "Pakistani military scrambled a C-130 Hercules to Shikarpur on the behest of the federation following a request ...

SBP unveils Rs20 commemorative coin

🕔 23:45 Jan 30, 2015 Updated

KARACHI: Governor State Bank of Pakistan, Ashraf Mahmood Wathra, Friday unveiled Rs20 commemorative coin at State Bank of Pakistan Museum to mark “Pakistan-China Year of Friendly Exchange ...

Microsoft Office free on Android tablets

🕔 09:34 Jan 30, 2015

SEATTLE: Microsoft Corp made its popular Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications available for free on Android tablets on Thursday, marking the latest step in its drive to get as many mobile customers as possible using its software. It also released ...

News Beat, 30 Jan 2015 Samaa Tv

🕔 31 Jan Updated

NewsBeat is the gateway to all the current stories that manage to form the headlines. From political hallway of power to social conventions, Paras ...

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26 killed as attacks rock Egypt's Sinai

🕔 08:50 Jan 30, 2015

CAIRO: Militants fired a barrage of rockets and set off a car bomb Thursday killing at least 26 people, mostly soldiers, in Egypt's North Sinai ...


Zombie or miracle: Cat claws his way back from the dead

🕔 11:38 Jan 29, 2015

TAMPA: A cat in Florida is on the mend after clawing his way back from the dead, surfacing five days after he was hit by a car and buried for dead, ...


African leaders gather for conflict, Ebola talks

🕔 11:04 Jan 30, 2015

ETHIOPIA: African leaders meet Friday for their annual summit with conflict topping the agenda, especially Nigeria's Boko Haram insurgents, as well ...


Should action be taken against Arjumand Azhar for raising voice against VIP Culture?