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Two militants killed in Mauripur CID operation

🕔 07:24 Dec 20, 2014

KARACHI: The death trap around the outlawed Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has been tightened in the metropolis as another two outlaws were killed in Mauripur overnight, SAMAA reported on Saturday. Moving on intelligence, the personnel of the Crime ...

News Beat, 19 Dec 2014 Samaa Tv

🕔 20 Dec Updated

NewsBeat is the gateway to all the current stories that manage to form the headlines. From political hallway of power to social conventions, Paras ...

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Cuban parliament okays normalization with US  

🕔 05:52 Dec 20, 2014

HAVANA: Cuba's parliament on Friday unanimously ratified a deal reached between Havana and Washington normalizing relations after a half-century of ...


Women rule at Obama year-end press conference

🕔 03:14 Dec 20, 2014

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama called it his "who's been naughty, and who's been nice" list: a checklist of reporters to call on during his ...


Smoking costs weigh heavily on the healthcare system

🕔 05:15 Dec 20, 2014

WASHINGTON: Of every $10 spent on healthcare in the U.S., almost 90 cents is due to smoking, a new analysis says. Using recent health and medical ...


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