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People’s representative to lead ‘Naya Pakistan’: Khan

🕔 23:48 Sep 21, 2014 Updated

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Sunday said that he has no personal grudge against Nawaz Sharif but he is only against the incumbent system. “I am against the system of dynastic rule….I am against the ...

SAMAA is number 1 Tv channel, says veteran actor

🕔 16:17 Sep 21, 2014 Updated

KARACHI: Veteran Tv actor Gulab Chandio Sunday said that SAMAA is number one Tv channel as it is covering all issues of the country.Talking exclusively to Samaa, he said that after Quaid-e-Azam and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, PTI Chief Imran Khan is the ...

Jet-set tycoons crash to earth

🕔 11:31 Sep 21, 2014 Updated

MUMBAI: They were famed for their jet-set lifestyles and the names of their companies were emblazoned on airplanes, Formula One cars and the shirtfronts of cricket teams. But now the debt-laden ...

Nissan USA aims to keep electric battery production

🕔 16:19 Sep 20, 2014

WASHINGTON: Japanese automaker Nissan is dismissing speculation that it intends to scale back electric car battery production at its US plant in Tennessee. Nissan's ambitious electric vehicle program has been a signature initiative of Carlos Ghosn, ...

Live Updates: Azadi and Inqilab March Countdown Begins - II

🕔 17 Sep Updated

Imran Khan's address, Sept 20, 2014: 11.30pm: This tsunami will be coming to Lahore soon. We will hold a meeting and announce the date by tomorrow. ...

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Yemen PM quits as rebels seize government HQ

🕔 20:10 Sep 21, 2014

SANAA: Shiite rebels seized the Yemeni government headquarters Sunday and the premier resigned as violence raged despite a UN announcement of a ...


US lawyer in trouble over fake celebrity photo-ops

🕔 03:32 Sep 21, 2014 Updated

LOS ANGELES: A Los Angeles attorney may have her law license suspended after a state bar investigation found that she had superimposed images of ...


Pakistan may face more travel bans due to polio cases

🕔 13:40 Sep 20, 2014 Updated

KARACHI: Pakistan may face more travel bans as polio cases are being continuously reported across the country.World Health Organization (WHO) has ...





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