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India loses contact with spacecraft trying to land on Moon

It lost contact 2.1km above the Moon’s South Pole

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September 7, 2019


Muharram moon sighted in Pakistan

Ashura will fall on September 10

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August 31, 2019


50 years on, Apollo 11’s journey to moon and back

After six more missions, Apollo program was terminated in 1972

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July 14, 2019


Fawad Chaudhry announces dates for Eidul Azha, Muharram

‘The Ruet’ app used to generate the dates

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June 6, 2019


Eid likely to be on June 5: Fawad Chaudhry

Science and technology minister says lunar calendar sent to CII

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May 21, 2019


The Moon is shrinking: study

It has become about 150 feet ‘skinnier’

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May 14, 2019


Fawad Chaudhry has a new way to sight the moon

He also wants imams to be made government servants

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May 11, 2019


Moon not sighted in Saudi Arabia

Ramazan will begin May 6 in Saudi Arabia, UAE

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May 4, 2019


Israeli spacecraft crashes during moon landing: mission control

It became the seventh country to orbit the moon

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April 13, 2019


China lands rover on far side of the moon: state TV

Beijing is pouring billions into its space programme and hopes to have a crewed space station by 2022

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January 3, 2019


Elon Musk’s SpaceX reveals first passenger for moon voyage

The moon flight is tentatively planned for 2023

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September 18, 2018


SpaceX announces new plan to send tourist around Moon

SpaceX gave no further details, but said more information would follow on Monday.

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September 14, 2018


SpaceX announces new plan to send tourist around the Moon

Only 24 people in history have ever been to the Moon

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September 14, 2018


Scientists confirm ice exists at Moon’s poles

Scientists say they have confirmed the existence of ice on the Moon’s surface for the first time, a discovery that could one day help humans survive there. Signs of ice on the Moon have been reported by scientists for years, but previous observations could have been explained by other phenomena, such as unusually reflective lunar…

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August 22, 2018


Zilhajj moon sighted in Pakistan, Eid-ul-Azha on Aug 22

The Zilhajj moon was sighted in Pakistan on Sunday. Eid-ul-Azha will be celebrated across the country on Wednesday, August 22, 2018. The announcement was made by Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee chairperson Mufti Munib-ur-Rehman, after presiding over the moon-sighting body’s meeting in Karachi. Mufti Munib said testimonies regarding sighting of the Zilhajj moon were received by the…

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August 12, 2018


Ruet-e-Hilal committee to meet in Karachi for Zil Hajj moon sighting

If the Ruet-e-Hilal committee sees the Zil Hajj crescent on Sunday, Eidul Azha will fall on Wednesday, August 22

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August 12, 2018


Blood Moon dazzles star gazers in longest lunar eclipse of 21st century

A blood-red moon dazzled star gazers across much of the world on Friday when it moved into Earth’s shadow for the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

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July 28, 2018


Shawwal moon not sighted, Pakistan to celebrate Eid on Saturday

Pakistan will celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr on Saturday (June 16) as the Shawwal moon was not sighted anywhere in the country. The meeting of Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee chaired by Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman was held in Karachi on Thursday. Addressing a press conference on Thursday, Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman said the committee did not receive any credible testimony of moon-sighting from…

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June 14, 2018


Moon-walking astronaut-artist Alan Bean dies at 86

US astronaut Alan Bean, the fourth person to walk on the moon, has died, his family announced in a statement released by NASA. He was 86 years old. The moonwalker who went on to become a painter died Saturday in Houston after suddenly falling ill weeks before, the statement said. He was among the elite…

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May 27, 2018


China satellite heralds first mission to dark side of Moon

China launched on Monday a relay satellite that will allow a rover to communicate with the Earth from the far side of the Moon during an unprecedented mission later this year. The Queqiao (“Magpie Bridge”) satellite was blasted into space from the southwestern Xichang launch centre in the pre-dawn hours, according to the China National…

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May 21, 2018


Ramazan moon not sighted in Saudi Arabia, UAE

The holy month of Ramazan will begin in Saudi Arabia and UAE from Thursday (May 17) as the moon was not sighted. Authorities in Saudi Arabia and UAE announced that there was no sight of Ramazan crescent (1438 H) today. In Pakistan, the meeting of Ruet-e-Hilal Central Committee for sighting the crescent of Ramazan will…

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May 15, 2018