Ending labour abuse

labour abuse in Pakistan is a pervasive and systemic issue that must be addressed urgently

Pak and Iran ties post-Raisi era

Raisi's absence not only disrupts internal Iranian politics but also poses significant questions about trajectory of its foreign relation

Digital leap Pakistan

India’s DPI is anchored by the Aadhaar system, a biometric-based digital identity for over a billion people

Education budget cuts

HEC's recurrent budget has been slashed from Rs65 billion to a mere Rs25 billion

Debacle of 1971

Muslim League could not fulfil the aspirations of the people of East Benga

Towards climate justice

Pakistan's recent weather extremes serve as a stark warning of the broader consequences of warming world

Child marriage debate

For years, attempts to correct this legal differentiation faced stiff opposition

Budget detachment

Pakistan's economy is in a state of fragility, rivaling the instability of the civil-military relationship

Pakistan's electric mobility

'Pakistan has surplus energy generation capacity but struggles to ramp up electricity consumption due to high tariffs'