AMAZING: Saudi woman from Jeddah surfs in the flood!

November 22, 2017
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JEDDAH: A video went viral over the internet on Tuesday in which a Saudi woman can be seen making the most of the torrential downpour that has caused flooding in the country--by using a surfboard.

Who hates floods, anyway?

The video of a Saudi woman went viral over the internet in which she can be seen surfing the flooded streets of Jeddah on a surfboard.

The video was shared by journalist Joyce Karam and went instantly viral over the internet. The Saudi woman can be seen surfing the streets on a surfboard which is tugged along at fast pace by a vehicle ahead.

Not bad for a country that did not allow previously its women to drive vehicles, is it?

Torrential rains have hampered life for most in Saudi Arabia, especially Jeddah where urban flooding has taken place. Schools, universities and offices have been closed in certain parts which have received torrential rains.

As per climate experts and meteorologists in Saudi Arabia, the rain could 'only be the beginning'.

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Story first published: 22nd November 2017


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