‘Don’t use Gandhi’s glasses logo in public toilets, on garbage bins’

June 19, 2017
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The Odisha government has directed all district collectors and urban local bodies not to use the logo of the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) — meant to honour Mahatma Gandhi and his emphasis on cleanliness — in an improper manner in places like public toilets.

According to Times of India, the mission uses a logo inspired by Gandhi’s famous round glasses for its countrywide campaigns.

The Odisha advisory follows the Centre’s May 16 directive to all state-level directors of SBM saying guidelines issued by Chhattisgarh High Court — which in January had issued a notice to the Raman Singh government to prevent pictorial illustration of Gandhi’s spectacles on dustbins, public toilets and trash cans — must be observed.

The director of SBM in Odisha, Parameswaran B, said Gandhi’s image or that of any of his other belongings, like the spinning wheel, his walking stick or watch, should not be used ‘on the walls of public toilets, garbage bins and other such filthy places during the SBM campaign’.

The director said there was no blanket ban on use of the logo but it should be used in a respectful manner. “District collectors will be responsible for supervision of the implementation of the guidelines,” he said.

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Story first published: 19th June 2017


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