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The secrets of smartphone LCD repair

You can easily spot the sleight of hand

SAMAA | - Posted: Dec 23, 2021 | Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Posted: Dec 23, 2021 | Last Updated: 4 weeks ago


The display panel or LCD (liquid crystal display) is the most important part of your smartphone. A phone with a broken LCD is as worthless as a brick.

Getting a smartphone display panel repaired or replaced has become a tricky business.

When a customer walks into a repair shop, the shopkeeper or technician offers them to replace the damaged LCD panel with either an original or a ‘duplicate’ screen. Most people do not know the difference between the two.

Original display panels are manufactured by the company itself. For example, if you have an iPhone with a broken display you need to get a replacement screen that is manufactured by Apple. The same is the case with Android phones.  Whereas the so-called ‘copy’ screens are compatible replacements but designed and manufactured by third party companies.

Many mobile phone users have complained that the shopkeeper charged them for the original screen but provided a duplicate, and they only came to learn about it after a while. By then it was too late or impossible to get the money back.

You would not be the next victim if you look for these four things before ordering a display repair or replacement.


Most display panels have damaged class and these glasses are easily replaced. A replacement LCD screen must have the company’s logo or QR code to verify its manufacturing ID. It should also have a greater vibrancy than your older screen.

Touch panel

Touch panels are tricky and can create lots of trouble. It is important to ensure that the touch panel has not been altered in the screen that the technician is putting in your mobile phone.

Flex cable

A flex cable connects your LCD to the board of your mobile. This cable is visible at the back of the display panel. Make sure that the cable is not damaged and/or altered.

Refurbished panels

In some cases, technicians replaced the display panels in their client’s phone with another used display pulled from an older device. It does not necessarily mean that the replacement part is faulty but it is important to know that the one you are purchasing has already been used for some time.

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