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How can you protect stray dogs in your area?

Get them neutered or vaccinated

SAMAA | - Posted: Feb 10, 2021 | Last Updated: 8 months ago
Posted: Feb 10, 2021 | Last Updated: 8 months ago

Are you scared of dogs? Do you feel threatened by the rising number of stray dogs in your area? If yes, here’s one thing you should definitely not do: kill them.

News reports on dog bites and the increasing population of strays in Karachi contribute to general sense of fear, apathy and sometimes even hatred towards stray dogs in the country. But there are a number of misconceptions about strays.

For one, dogs will not attack you unless they’re triggered or hurt. “In all these years, we have seen multiple culling campaigns by government authorities but the population of stray dogs remained the same,” Ayesha Chundrigar, an animal rights activist and the founder of the Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation, told SAMAA Digital.

“Dogs are territorial and when they see their species decreasing, they mate quickly,” she said. “It’s like survival of the fittest.”

This proves that killing these dogs doesn’t benefit anyone. It’s plain murder, Chundrigar said.

“Stray dogs in Pakistan are killed by poison,” the activist said. “The legs of these dogs are tied and they are either shot dead or poisoned.”

When the animals are poisoned, within a time span of eight hours the dog’s organs shut down one after the other and it dies. Whether they are shot or poisoned, death never comes easily for these animals.

What can instead be done to control their population is to vaccinate and neuter them.

Here’s what Chunrigar says you can do if you have stray dogs in your area:
• If there’s someone in your neighbourhood scared of the animals, you can talk and affirm to them there’s nothing to worry about. These dogs are friendly and won’t attack you unless you initiate first.
• Don’t become aggressive with them. If you’re angry, they will sense it and just try to protect themselves.
• Feed the dog and become friends with them. Let them register your scent.
• There are only two types of dogs that are violent: mothers and alpha males. If you see a violent dog in your area, call up ACF or Rabies Free Pakistan. They will come, take the dog, neuter it and then relocate it to another area.

In the last three years, RFP has vaccinated over 35,000 dogs and sterilised over 3,200 stray dogs in different localities of Karachi.

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