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The late Junaid Jamshed’s special dua

SAMAA | - Posted: May 18, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Posted: May 18, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
His voice can never be forgotten

Singer-turned-religious scholar Junaid Jamshed passed away in 2016. He is remembered for his recitations of naats. In this previously recorded video, he offered a dua.
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  1. Faraz  May 18, 2019 2:50 pm/ Reply

    Junaid Jamshed – the man of Pakistan, the man who loved Pakistan, the man who taught us that Pakistanis are brothers among themselves, the man whose national songs still ring true to this day and how they enamor our heart, mind and soul.

    Junaid Jamshed who sacrificed his glittery looks and rock star career for spreading the word of Allah and His Messenger Rasool Allah SAW (PBUH) and whose naats made hearts tremble and eyes water – we miss this man everyday

    Junaid Jamshed a man whose contributions and services to Pakistan and people around the world have gone unaccounted, the man who re-taught us to be true patriots, not nationalists because that is not what we should aspire to be but patriots who are servants under God Almighty.

    May Allah Grant Junaid maghfirat and Grant him Jannah. Amin. Today most importantly, at this stage, Grant us all the will and capacity to emulate Junaid Jamshed as a starting point and maybe we can transform and be able to emulate the greats of our culture and eventually of our deen. Amin

  2. Syed Noor ul Asfia  May 19, 2019 2:05 pm/ Reply

    Faraz Bro your every word describes my feelings for our Brother Junaid Jamshed Rahmatullah Allaih . He was a man full of faith with unending love for our nation and all the Muslims of the world.

  3. SH  May 19, 2019 11:49 pm/ Reply

    Never met this guys. Only learnt of him after his tragic death. So sad. Miss his Naats and Islamiic lectures. May Allah give him best of stations in Jannat and make it easy for his family to continue his legacy. Ameen

  4. Ubidul Hussain  July 21, 2019 10:42 pm/ Reply

    Ameen from the UK(bengali).

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