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Watch: The TikTok craze spreads to the Karachi police

January 27, 2019
Videos made by policemen went viral on social media recently

TikTok videos -- everyone is making them, including the Karachi police! Videos made by policemen using the app went viral recently on social media. Some videos feature dramatic music with the policemen performing even more dramatic moves while others show them acting out iconic scenes from movies.


  1. Avatar
    Ladla bacha   January 28, 2019 2:37 am/ Reply

    What is the difference between the police and the police, there are many institutions, and many organizations are afraid to inform them about the media as the media as a woman who danced throughout the day morning What do you do at the show, first see yourself, media has a huge role in destroying people’s homes

  2. Avatar
    Acha Bacha   January 29, 2019 2:58 pm/ Reply

    شیروں کو آزادی ہے آزادی کے پابند رہیں‌
    جس کو چاہیں چیریں پھاڑیں کھائیں‌ پییں آنند رہیں‌

    شاہیں کو آزادی ہے آزادی سے پرواز کرے
    ننھی منی چڑیوں پر جب چاہے مشق ناز کرے

    سانپوں کو آزادی ہے ہر بستے گھر میں بسنے کی
    ان کے سر میں زہر بھی ہے اور عادت بھی ہے ڈسنے کی

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