Here is what Nawaz Sharif has been saying about ‘five judges’

April 13, 2018
By: Samaa Digital

Supreme Court’s disqualification verdict on July 28 angered Nawaz Sharif to the effect that he embarked on movement to get 'justice'. He took a protest procession from Islamabad to Lahore. 

Ever since, the ousted Prime Minister subjected the national institutions especially the judiciary to extreme criticism.

About five judges who comprised the Panama case bench, he said:

“They are filled with spite. You are not up to the job.”

“Five people caused disgrace to the public mandate.”

“They do not know as to who stole and where the larceny actually took place.”

“Nation has completely understood about the case. They want to thwart our success."

“The action against hospitals was actually directed against us.”

“Suo motu action delegates the government’s job into the chief justice’s hands.”

“Allow us to do what we are supposed to. Do not encroach upon our territory.”

“You lost in your win. We won despite the defeat.”


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