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SAMAA Transcript: Kahani August 11, 2018 | The 2004 PACC Karachi blast and the cop who looked death in the eye

SAMAA | - Posted: Aug 21, 2018 | Last Updated: 2 years ago
Posted: Aug 21, 2018 | Last Updated: 2 years ago
SAMAA Transcript: Kahani August 11, 2018 | The 2004 PACC Karachi blast and the cop who looked death in the eye


Date aired: August 11, 2018
Part I: The security officer who looked death in the eye

VO: Providing security to security installations, buildings and its officers is not an easy task. The help of the Cobra Force is sought to apprehend criminals at the gate. A valiant cobra force officer was stationed at the Pak American Cultural Centre when a terrorist attack took place. Who was he?

Irfan Ahmed Khan, aka Cobra, DSP: My name is Irfan Ahmed Khan. I acquired SSG training from Command Headquarters. From there, my name was suggested for the force, which strikes fear into the hearts of criminals.

VO: It defines determination and courage.

Irfan: This is a story about staying loyal to the country.

VO: The first ever “trap explosion” took place on May 26, 2004 near PACC in which Irfan was severely injured.

Irfan: I was on patrol duty near Hotel Metropole when I heard the blast. A car explosion took place when I reached PACC. No loss of human lives took place. There was another car parked behind the destroyed vehicle which had a large sack.
I called the bomb disposal unit but there was too much traffic. We did not give media access to the blast site as we felt that it might be a booby trap. As I was returning after holding off the media, a blast took place in which officer Jahangir embraced martyrdom on the spot. Me and several other police officers were injured in the attack.

Mumtaz Ahmed Malik, DSP Traffic: His courage has to be lauded. As a colleague and his batch mate, I salute him. I say he is a role model and we should learn something from him.

VO: There were not many chances of starting a new life but his determination helped him in passing this challenge.

Irfan: If you take a look at this…the parts of the explosives went through my arms. Three severed veins were later healed by the grace of Almighty Allah. I suffered injuries to the side of my face. The flesh on the thigh was separated. I was wounded in other areas as well. I couldn’t hear from my right ear for three weeks. Alhamdolillah, I was back on duty in 25 days.

Dr Rajesh Kumar, orthopaedic surgeon: His condition was so severe that his hand had to be amputated. The injuries to the veins, in our terms, called vascular injuries have a deadline to treat. If a patient is taken to hospital and a correct team is operating on it, it takes up to four to six hours. If it goes beyond that, the results may not be that favourable. Alhamdolillah, his hand was saved and he is living a normal life.

VO: Maybe this was Allah’s will that a story of a man in the face of death.

Mumtaz Ahmed Malik: You have to perform your duty with bravery. You have to show bravery after joining the security forces. This is the resolve of any officer.

Rasheed Ahmed, Sub-inspector: We don’t have to care for our own lives for the sake of patriotism. We don’t have to make compromises to protect the lives and wealth of the people.

VO: In 25 days, Irfan was back on his feet and was able to fulfill his duties as an officer.

Irfan: I felt that my arms and body might be damaged forever if I stayed at home and rested. I joined the force again and Alhamdulillah I am alright. I am brave and determined as ever.

VO: There are no two opinions that only brave officers can tackle terrorists and maintain the atmosphere of peace and prosperity.

Irfan: I was taken to Jinnah hospital. I pray that not even our enemies are treated in a government hospital. From there, I was shifted to Aga Khan Hospital. Our senior officers along with the PACC staff used to visit me there. They made an offer to me that they will get me treated in their country but I refused as I was a Pakistani national and I wanted to be treated here.

Mumtaz: The role of the police force in Pakistan is worthy to be mentioned and it will always be appreciated.

VO: Not only is Irfan a brave police officer, he is also an inspiring father. His children, following his footsteps want to join the police force as well.

Shah Mir, son of Irfan: He fulfills our wishes. We wanted a game which he brought us. He only gets angry when he is tense. He never loses hope and faces every challenge ahead of him. I will join the police force like my father.

VO: DSP Irfan Ahmed’s children are very dear to him and his children also love him a lot. They are proud of their brave father.

Afnan Ahmed, Irfan’s son: One of the best qualities of my father is that he earns for us, works day and night and has enrolled us in a good-quality school. He has never lost hope. He won countless awards throughout his career.

VO: Irfan has also worked as a bodyguard for Bollywood stars.

Irfan: Death is a reality and everyone’s time of death has been determined. It is useless to be afraid of death no matter which profession you are involved in and Allah is with those who are not afraid of death.

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