Post-Colonial Pretty: We gave Meghan Markle bridal options

May 9, 2018

The British Royal wedding is set to take place on May 19. Former Suits actor Meghan Markle will be marrying Prince Harry, the youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
Markle is on a look-out for wardrobe options. We decided that she needed our help.

The HSY option

The British ruled the Indian Subcontinent for 200 years. This is why we think it is only appropriate that we have a little reverse colonialism. HSY is a graduate of the Pakistan School of Fashion Design and his brand is best known for combining contemporary silhouettes with the traditional techniques. East meets West in this blue lehnga ensemble with burnished gold work, which is so apt as the sun has set on the Empire.

The Deepak Perwani blast of colour
This Sindhi designer would be a great choice for Miss Markle as it brings together a pop of raspberry red against an elegant gold backdrop with lace, which we know the royals favour. We choose him because he has worked across Asia as a cultural ambassador, to China, Malaysia, India, to bring people together. He went to Delhi to sign an MoU between the Fashion Pakistan Council and the Fashion Design Council of India making history for bilateral trade. Miss Markle is also making history and will hopefully also be a figure who works globally to bring people together.

Sana Safinaz
We think that Sana Safinaz is a fresh pink youthful option for Miss Markle. The timeless elegance of the brand does justice to a would-be royal. We also feel that doing this might elevate the brand’s name given some recent PR disasters with their ads.