Meesha Shafi: Ali Zafar the only one who harassed me

May 18, 2018

Singer Meesha Shafi from the Pakistani band Overload performs during a concert at the Daniel Pearl World Music Days in Islamabad on October 9, 2010. A musical evening was organized to pay homage to slain US journalist Daniel Pearl who was kidnapped and later murdered by Islamic militants in 2001. Photo: AFP

Meesha Shafi responded to a Twitter user on Thursday, saying that Ali Zafar is the only one to have sexually harassed her.

She went on to ask how many people it would take to confirm that. “Yes only he harrassed me but he didn’t harass me only,” she tweeted. “Get it? Half a dozen other women coming forward not enough for you all? How many will it take? Please share a number.”

She was responding to a Twitter user who had asked her to “name all of them if [you are] a true lady”.

Shafi became the first Pakistani celebrity to name a colleague using the #MeToo hashtag. Ali Zafar has denied the allegations and sent her a legal notice. Shafi also sent a four-page legal notice to Ali Zafar through human rights activist Hina Jillani and her lawyers.

The notice stated that Meesha Shafi was living a happy life with her husband and two children. Furthermore, it stated that the accusations leveled towards Zafar were true. The actress, in the notice, has accused the singer of manipulating the facts.