Hepatitis outbreak in Bhakkar affects 850 in one month

March 13, 2018
Samaa Web Desk

Report by Farhan Paracha

BHAKKAR DISTRICT: Around 850 cases of hepatitis were reported from Bhakkar in one month as the infectious disease becomes widespread in the district. 

The shocking figures became public knowledge after a Hepatitis Treatment and Prevention Clinic opened at Bhakkar DHQ Hospital where as many as 840 patients checked into the clinic in one month for treatment of hepatitis.

Among the patients who reportedly suffer from the infectious disease, 250 are infected with hepatitis C.

According to medics, the best way to prevent the disease from spreading further is to launch public awareness campaign.

“I’ve come here to have myself checked to confirm whether or not I have hepatitis,” said one person.

The hospital administration is providing medical treatment and conducting tests free of cost. The government aims to eradicate hepatitis from the country by 2030.