Most people are pronouncing Versace wrong

February 2, 2018

NEWS DESK: Donatella Versace just revealed to Vogue that much of the fashion industry, and the world, has been pronouncing her last name, and brand, incorrectly, reported The Independent.

The Italian designer discussed the faux pas during an episode of Vogue’s “73 questions,” after she was asked what Italian word she wishes English speakers would stop butchering.

Apparently, the commonly mispronounced word that irks her the most is her own last name.

Sharing the shocking revelation, Versace explained that her last name is actually pronounced “Versach-eh,” and not like “Versach-ee.”

And when you watch the video of Donatella pronouncing it correctly, it’s easy to understand why the mishap would be annoying.

The designer also shared she would choose Michelle Obama to join her for coffee, out of anyone in the world, and Barack would be her choice for dinner date.

As for her spare time, Versace showed off her relatable side when she revealed that if she wasn’t currently planning this year’s Met Gala, she would be “having a nervous breakdown probably.”

And her muse? “Strong women all over the world.”