Ayesha Omar looks stunning at New York Fashion Week ramp

February 13, 2018
Samaa Web Desk

NEW YORK: Representing one of international fashion brands, actress and fashion model Ayesha Omar looked graced New York Fashion Week runway along with the international fashionistas.

The international fashion gala is in full swing in New York that is attracting fashion icons from across the world. Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar also among those glazing the ramp with a huge lineup of world brands showcasing their latest collections.

With supermodels strutting around the runway, Pakistani diva was seen posing along with Gigi Hadid, Jordan Dunn and many others.

Ayesha shared several highlights of the glitzy gala on her Instagram with pictures of Victoria Secret supermodel Gigi and model Emily Didonato among others.

Very special was model Didonato who touched hearts as she sent her love to Pakistan in Urdu language. Will Omar share the intriguing video of this interesting message with us?

On Instagram, Ayesha was seen full of admiration for Jourdan when she shared her pictures with a caption:
“She was so tall, she had to sit down and chat. She didn’t want me getting a neck strain 😉…. and what a beauty!”