Here is what may happen if you use heaters excessively

January 3, 2018
Samaa Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: Health experts on Wednesday urged people to avoid excessive use of heaters or hot air blowers in winter to save themselves from hazardous effects of various diseases and allergies.

Talking to a private news channel, Dr Asim Bukhari said with the onset of bitter winter, cases of respiratory problems, eye infections, skin allergies and pneumonia had increased by almost three times.

Apart from flu cold and cough the allergies are also common in the winter season. The dryness appearance may be enhanced by using heaters and blowers and it could sometimes lead to eyes and skin irritations.

In case of eyes it might then lead to conjunctivitis while the skin can become itchy and then develop an allergy, Dr Asim added. While keeping heaters off may not be possible in the wake of severe cold conditions, he advised that a mug of water can be kept near the heater so that the temperature level of the room is maintained.

Health expert Amina Dar said people had started using gas heaters particularly at night to keep rooms warm oblivious to its hazards for human health.

Very few among them are aware of precautionary measures and majority do not bother even if they were aware of these precautions, she said. Health experts believe that number of death and complications could be avoided by making public aware of the preventive measures.

Health expert Dr Amina Dar said that some people were more susceptible than others to suffer hazardous effects of gas heaters and the time duration of gas use should be minimized.

Also check that the heater has a proper safety system and shuts off when there is not enough gas pressure, she urged.

To a question she said that the case of gas poisoning should immediately be evacuated for fresh air and shifted to the nearest hospital.

Be careful about using gas heater especially if anyone has heart disease asthma or is elderly she concluded. –APP