Kiran Naz gets world fame after program on Zainab

January 12, 2018
Samaa Web Desk

International media houses and broadcasters has started taking interviews of Samaa’s newscaster Kiran Naz after she conducted a program on ill-fated little girl Zainab.

The program went a long way to shake the international conscience as the newscaster becomes a loud and clear voice of the wronged girl.

With an emotional intro on Zainab, Kiran Naz started her current affairs program with her daughter sitting in her lap.

Soon after the video was shared on Samaa's handle @SamaaTV, the video went viral across the social media-scape according a global fame to Kiran Naz (@kn_kiran_naz). Twitterati went all out there to support her; meantime, some of them criticized her for using her daughter to earn 'shameless' trp.

Different international television channels aired clip of her carrying out program with her daughter. Large media houses covered the incident of brutality with which little seven-year-old was treated and thrown at garbage in Kasur.

The emotional mother-daughter video of Kiran Naz all the more accentuated the barbaric incident that brought about nationwide outrage with people pouring out anger at the indifference of Punjab government.

The small area in Kasur where Zainab lived is home to 11 other little girls that went through the same fate of sexual assaults and murder. Despite the reporting, police did nothing of import to curb the situation in order to protect minor girls and boys of the area from crazy pedophiles.

The shocking apathy of the police came to the fore when Zainab's uncle revealed to Samaa TV that DPO (with wide grin on his face) demanded Rs.10,000 as 'reward' for recovering Zainab's body.

The story of callousness does not end here. Police opened gunfire at the exasperated local people who lost their little daughters, nieces and sisters to such heinous crimes when they mounted protest while preparing the funeral prayers of Zainab.