Seasonal Influenza claims 7 lives in two weeks

December 30, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

MULTAN: With the death of another patient on Saturday, the death from Seasonal Influenza in Multan reached 7 over the past two weeks, with dozens hospitalised, Samaa reported.

Doctors have issued alert and advisory, urging citizens to adopt preventive measures to avoid seasonal influenza, an acute viral infection that spreads easily from person to person.

Key facts

Seasonal influenza is an acute viral infection that spreads easily from person to person.

Seasonal influenza viruses circulate worldwide and can affect people in any age group.

In temperate climates, seasonal epidemics occur mainly during winter while in tropical regions, influenza seasonality is less obvious and epidemics can occur throughout the year.

Seasonal influenza is a serious public health problem that causes severe illness and death in high risk populations.

An influenza epidemic can take an economic toll through lost workforce productivity and strained health services.

Influenza vaccination is the most effective way to prevent disease.

Signs and symptoms

Seasonal influenza is characterized by a sudden onset of fever, cough (usually dry), headache, muscle and joint pain, severe malaise (feeling unwell), sore throat and a runny nose.

The cough can be severe and can last 2 or more weeks. Most people recover from fever and other symptoms within a week without requiring medical attention.

But influenza can cause severe illness or death especially in people at high risk (see below).

Illnesses range from mild to severe and even death. Hospitalization and death occur mainly among high risk groups.
Worldwide, these annual epidemics are estimated to result in about 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness, and about 290 000 to 650 000 deaths. - Samaa