5 beauty tools that you must have in your make-up bag

December 3, 2017

NEWS DESK: Whether you’re a beginner trying to figure out what you need or a make-up hoarder looking to cut back ahead of Christmas, making sure you have exactly the right tools is the first step to achieving an A star beauty arsenal. A list of five staple tools that will help get your most important accessory – your make-up bag – in order has been published in a report by The Independent.

Take a look at the list:


Great eyebrows make a huge difference to your look so investing in a pair of tweezers to swiftly remove wayward hairs is essential.

Even if you don’t DIY your own furrows, they’re an essential tool that’s not only great for plucking hair but also applying lashes and even removing splinters.

Our go-to option is the award-winning slant tweezer created by Tweezerman which has been given a playful update by Huda Beauty. With perfectly aligned, hand-filed stainless steel tips they provide the ultimate in precision and come patterned with Huda’s signature lips making them easy to spot in your bag.

Eyelash Curlers

Curling your lashes might seem like a time-consuming extra step in your morning routine but we promise that it’s well worth while. A pinch-proof way to make your lashes look longer, we love this set from Shiseido that instantly widen your eyes with minimal fuss.

To use, simply place the your lashes between the two blades, gently crimp at the base, open, and repeat all the way to the tips.

Brow Brush

In an era when having Brooke Shields-esque eyebrows is of the utmost importance you simply cannot afford to skimp on owning a brow brush. A tool that is essential to your arch grooming arsenal, our favourite is this dual sided option from the Godmother of brilliant brows, Anastasia Beverly Hills.

On one end you will find a sable, angled brush that is designed to fill in your brows and define arches with powder or pomade. But, on the other there is a spooley – or mascara brush – that is ideal for combing up brows into place and exposing any stragglers that need plucking.

Beauty Sponge

A tool that’s revolutionised the way we apply foundation, concealer and creamy contours, you’ve likely seen this iconic pink-shaped egg everywhere by now and with good reason. Designed with an elliptical shape that means it fits perfectly to the contours of your face, the soft latex-free sponge gives your skin an airbrush finish whichever formula you choose to work with. We also love that the pointed end works really well around the eyes and to target blemishes.

Super easy to use, simply soak it under a warm tap until it expands, squeeze out the excess water and tap, tap, tap.

Wet Brush

Now, a hairbrush might seem like an obvious choice as it’s something pretty much all of us already own but if you haven’t upgraded to a Wet Brush yet, where have you been? The ultimate hair-saving tool, the ergonomically designed brush effortlessly detangles wet or dry hair without stretching or breaking your tresses.

Available in a range of styles, each one uses ‘Intelliflex’ technology on it super flexible bristles that mean it glides through your locks with zero tugging while the ball-tips stimulate circulate and encourage new growth. What’s more they can even be used on extensions and wigs.