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JK Rowling, Stephen King feel Twitter ruined by longer tweets

November 12, 2017

NEWS DESK: Twitter has ruined itself by letting people post longer tweets, according to the world’s biggest authors, reported The Independent.

This week, the site allowed everyone to write tweets that are 280 characters long – twice as many as the previous limit. The site says it allows people to express themselves better without having to cram their thoughts into a small space.

The company announced on Tuesday in a blog post that it was rolling out the 280-character limit to all languages where “cramming” characters was an issue. The length is twice as long as Twitter’s current 140-character limit.

Twitter first experimented with allowing longer tweets in September. The change was made to give people more space to express themselves in certain languages where the company felt the 140 restriction was limiting.

However, Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters were not given expanded character limits because it is easier to say something in a succinct space, Twitter said.

But by doing so it has destroyed its “complete point”, according to JK Rowling. The shortness was the site’s unique selling point, the Harry Potter author said, and it has now managed to undo that.

The tweet would go on to be amplified and agreed with by Lin-Manual Miranda, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King and more.

Mr King – who has just published one of his longest ever books, Sleeping Beauties, and whose lengthiest work It was adapted into a film this year – also posted his own message.

In all, the tweets received hundreds of thousands of shares, from people apparently mostly annoyed at the change.

Twitter says that it found in testing the feature that few used it, but that those who did were able to do so in new and interesting ways. The feature was first tried out at the end of September, when it was gradually rolled out to an increasingly large number of users, and it has since announced that everyone will now be given the longer posts.


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