Falcons seen on board Karachi-Dubai flight

November 11, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

KARACHI: The sight of falcons perched atop passenger seats beside their owners in a Karachi-Dubai Emirates flight caught passengers unawares on Saturday.

The sight of the huge birds sitting calmly beside their owners was an unusual one but one that fascinated everyone on the flight.

Animals are not usually permitted inside Emirates' flight cabin due to restrictions and regulations imposed by the airline. However, falcons are one exception especially between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan. Guide dogs for the blind are also another exception.

However, all other animals are to be transported as cargo due to the regulations imposed by the government of UAE.

If the total journey time, including the transit period, numbers less than 17 hours, then only can falcons, dogs, cats and pet birds be transported as checked baggage into the hold.



Other passengers on the plane were quite fascinated and shocked at the same time to see the falcons.

Needless to say, a falcon certainly must make for an interesting companion on a journey!