I was bullied physically and verbally: pageant winner

October 11, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

NEWS DESK: It took eight attempts to win a pageant crown, but Rose Brown received the reward of persistence. Last November, Brown was crowned Miss Piedmont at the Kannapolis Performing Arts Center. Her pageant title is an official preliminary in the Miss America Organization, reported Times of India.

She knew pageantry would help her see the beauty within herself, something she didn’t always see growing up. The 23-year-old Cleveland County native was bullied from kindergarten through high school. Her memories include being pushed down stairs, slapped by a boy in middle school, and having trash stuffed in her mouth.

It was physical and verbal. Brown said she was probably bullied because of being different. She didn’t conform and stayed true to herself. She also had a gap in her front teeth, and said people bullied her because of that. “If everyone was wearing Hollister, I didn’t want wear Hollister. If everyone was wearing Aeropostale, I did not want to wear Aeropostale,” Brown said. “I just wanted to be me.” She recently graduated from UNC-Charlotte and began working at the university to recruit and train mentors for students.

“No matter what, don’t give up. So like obviously in situations like that, people who are bullied, I feel like one thing they contemplate is suicide. I would say don’t give up. Seek opportunity to grow… Stay true to yourself, find your passion, and never give up on yourself. I know there’s a lot in the works for me, and I’m praying that the girl who becomes Miss Piedmont 2018 takes every opportunity to learn to grow, and be the best person you can for you and your community.”