It’s not just any snack, it’s Kolson Slanty!

August 28, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

When we speak about the nation’s most-loved and demanded snack the only brand that pops up in our head is Kolson Slanty. Initially the famous snack was introduced in three generic flavours, whereas, the popularity of the brand gave way to the emergence of several new tantalizing flavours.

Recently Slanty’s identity was mistaken due to the production of unregulated imitation colored snacks (paapar) that were sold in the market. These were unhygienic and impersonating the actual brand’s snacks. But the crisp flavor of Slanty and the identity of the brand Kolson being a licensed manufacturer of food products by the Punjab Food Authority defended the case of the ‘mistaken identity’.

Slanty is a product of Lotte Kolson which is a brand that has been producing good quality food products in snacks, biscuits, cakes, pasta, vermicelli and instant noodles since 1942 with an idea to uphold quality standards at equality with the industry.

Slanty is a snack that is loved among children of all ages across Pakistan. The main reason that compels one to purchase Slanty is not just the taste but the mental satisfaction of the parent that the child is not eating anything dangerous containing preservatives. Kolson produces this snack with utmost care using superior and nontoxic ingredients under a clean and hygienic environment.

So to all the Slanty fans, rest assured, keep enjoying your favorite Kolson Slanty because it’s perfect in every way.