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An unforgettable Iftar experience

June 17, 2017


By: Filza Jawad Hai

Ramadan is the most awaited month of this year where everyone joins together to enjoy some amazing Iftar and Sehri feasts. Of course, the most amazing part of this month is that it is filled with numerous blessings of Allah where we all congregate to worships and thank Him for His uncountable blessings on us. This month has its own charm where we look forward to celebrate it by planning Iftar and Sehri with our loved ones.

Following the ritual my friends and I decided to plan out Iftar at Xanders. Since it’s been our all-time favorite place where we usually go when we are out of options, we decided to try out its Iftar. The thought of breaking our fast at our favorite place on our second roza was really exciting.

As we knew how overbooked this place usually is one of our friend reached at 6 40, which is the best time to get a decent seat at Xanders in Ramzan. We were so glad to get there a little early as it got filled up in 10 minutes.

Cutting things short, we had decided to have Ala carte with a drink, since you can’t eat enough at Iftar, but their Iftar platter seemed so appealing to us that the three of us decided to share one platter. The platter had a mini sandwich, 2 chicken skewers, mini open faced sandwich, Vol-au-vent and a fruit bowl, which was served after we finished the platter and right before our main course was served. The items on the platter were just alright, not worth the amount charged.

Moving on to our main course, which more likely became a pain course for us. We had ordered two Honey mustard chicken opened-face sandwich, one was with sweet potato fries (THE BEST SWEET POTATO FRIES IN K-TOWN) and the other with normal fries and the third main was Chicken cheese burger. The sandwiches were great until I found a dead fly stuck to my salad leave. The server obviously seemed quite embarrassed for that because a restaurant of such high reputation can’t afford to make such minor mistakes. Although I had no mood of trying their Chicken cheese burger but my friend’s burgers seemed so tempting and a safe option to order, I went for that in exchange of the sandwich. The chicken cheese burger was quite decent, not a bad replacement at all, plus I was so hungry at that time I couldn’t wait any longer to eat after a 15 hour fast.


Our drinks were a complete disaster too. Their mint lemonade was nothing like what we usually drink, it was more like a mint slush without any lemon or soda inside it. I got mine fixed but it still tasted like mint lemonade in flat diet 7-up with stale brown mint leaves. My friend got her mint lemonade changed twice and then replaced it with fresh watermelon juice, which also had to be treated twice to get the ‘fresh’ watermelon taste rather than a diluted watermelon syrup.

Overall our experience was not as amazing as it usually is, as Xanders can’t manage well during Iftar time. Going for dinner is relatively a better option than Iftar because we could see how other tables were also having complains with their food and what a havoc it was to see the waiters running in and out of the kitchen to get the food fixed or replaced.


However, we won’t stop visiting our favorite place just because of this one painful experience. Xanders has always been very good to satisfy our cravings otherwise.

Their kind gesture of apologizing us by serving us a complimentary Coffee éclair is unforgettable. The staff was quite courteous and considerate to make sure we don’t go disappointed. Thank you Xanders.xx


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