Top 10 trends of this week

March 2, 2017


1)Lahore Blast:

On Wednesday the 23rd of Feb there was a blast in Lahore, in the DHA Y block vicinity, which caused 7 deaths and several injuries. The blast was supposedly a cylinder blast, but it contained 8-10kgs of explosives and seemed like a time device.

The CEO of airlink, Moazzam Paracha was among those who lost their lives.


2) New WhatsApp feature:

Millions of people woke up to this heart-breaking update of WhatsApp. WhatsApp messenger got rid of the contact and written status and included a picture story feature similar to Snapchat.  The new feature allows you to upload a picture of as your status, leveraging you to edit with stickers. Thousands of people took to the social media, expressing hatred and sorrow at this advancement by WhatsApp.

3) Ye Bik Gae Hai Gormint

This particular line has been trending on twitter for a while now. This phrase “Bik Gae Hai Gormint” derived from aged women giving an interview regarding the situation of the country and to express her feelings towards the state of the government that she believed was sold off, this is what she said.

Ever since this line has become an internet sensation and once again, it has made its way to the top twitter trends.

4) Re-launch of nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 was one of the very few super-popular handsets that was owned by almost every cellphone user. It was the bestselling phone, and Nokia has decided to re-launch this phone with an improved design and enhanced battery life.

The new Nokia 3310’s 1,200mAh battery is good for a staggering 22 hours of talk time. According to the company, that’s ten times better than the original, which typically lasted for a little more than two hours of talk-time.

5) Oscars

Oscar Awards 2017 were held on the 27th of Feb. The vent stole the limelight like every year, but what made it a top trend was a fumble, as always. The best movie award was given to La La Land, for 5 seconds only. Yes, you heard that right! There was an error with the announcement and that was rectified by announcing the real winning movie which was “Moonlight”.

6) PSL Final

After much discussion and delay, on Monday, the 27th February a final call was made for the PSL Final venue. After much negotiation on the issue pertaining to the security threat, a final verdict was put forward. The match was declared to be conducted in Lahore. The people of Pakistan are overwhelmed by this pronouncement and have expressed their merriment over the social media.

7) Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi, a spur for all, left this world some time back leaving examples for us to follow. In respect of Edhi’s 89th birthday, Google honored him by having him on their google interface for an entire day. It was Google that reminded the world what an important day it was.


This trend on twitter was too dedicated to the most happening thing of this season, Pakistan Super League. The whole hype about Shahid Afridi’s game for Peshawar Zalmi and his birthday puts Lala in the top trends. Besides Peshawar Zalmi’s defeat in 1st playoff, the only thing people expressed for afridi was love and support. Twitter is flooded with birthday wishes for Lala.

9) ECO Summit

The theme of the ECO summit is ‘Connectivity for Regional Prosperity’ and it coincides with the 25th anniversary of the expansion of the bloc established in 1985.  The summit will concentrate on prospects of cooperation in the fields of connectivity, trade, transport and energy.

It is being hosted and chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and is being attended by representatives from all the member countries including five presidents, three prime ministers, and a deputy prime minister.

10) Karachi Kings

Karachi performed pretty sluggishly during the first few PSL matches, facing defeat one match after the other. But to everyone’s surprise, the last few matches, Karachi Kings have lifted their game. Winning one T20 after another, Karachi made its way through the playoffs to face Peshawar Zalmi in the 3rd playoff.