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Pakistanis entering digital revolution with smartphones

February 8, 2017
Pakistanis entering digital revolution with smartphones

Close up of friends with circle of smart phones.

KARACHI: Pakistan is undergoing a digital revolution as the number of active users of social media is fast on the upward trajectory in today’s digitized world especially in the country, according to a recent research published on a social media website.

According to a research study published by social media website Hootsuite, from January 2016 to the same month 2017, number of the active social media users burgeoned with staggering 35 percent that amounts to eight million users; whereas mobile phone subscriptions are up by 11 percent as 14 million users subscribed to the digital revolution during the last year.

Similarly, the social media revolution is right on the trail with a blistering speed of 47 percent raise of 9 million active users during the last year.

social media hootsuite1
As regards the Facebook usage, there were 31 million active users of Facebook; of them, 90 percent used mobile phone.

In Pakistan, Facebook is being used by 22 percent female users and 78 percent males. A total of 39 percent users do Facebook on daily basis.

social media hootsuite2
Amongst 194.8 millions of Pakistanis, at least 35.1 millions are internet users with active social media users at 31 million and mobile subscribers at 140.2.

Of 35.1 million internet users, 28 million people use mobile phone to gain access to social media platforms.

social media hootsuite3
An important aspect of the research sheds light on the importance of mobile phone and its enhanced use as a gateway in the amazing world of internet.

According to the study, 27 percent people use laptops/ desktops to browse worldwide web that stands 22 percent below in comparison with the last year.

social media hootsuite4
Whereas people are increasingly using mobile phones to access internet that accounts for 70 percent increase during the last year—a 13 percent hike in comparison to the previous year.

Use of tablet devices are being used for internet with 3 percent increase this year, though with 8 percent slump compared with the previous year. –SAMAA


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