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Must visit eatery in Dubai: PF Changs

February 18, 2017


By: Filza Jawad Hai

Dubai is a multicultural city comprising of only 12% of local born Emiratis and the rest are people from different cultures and countries. Which is why it’s been challenging in identifying their national dishes.
However, there are variety of cuisines and cultures that have inspired Dubai. One of the exotic eateries that would make your trip an unforgettable one is PF Changs.
PF Changs is an Asian themed US based casual dining restaurant specialized in Chinese cuisine. It can’t be defined as a typical Chinese restaurant as their recipes consist a unique fusion of Chinese flavors that may not be found elsewhere. It’s one of those places that never compromises on the health and quality of their food The intense 450-degree heat in their cooking helps the food retain its moisture and nutrients leaving the dishes ooze out its natural flavors.
Dynamite shrimps has basically originated from PF changs and is the highlight starter on the menu after Lettuce wraps. Its light batter fried prawns folded in their ultimate tangy sauce served in a bed of fresh lettuce and topped with a sprinkle of spring onions. Next best alternative to Dynamite shrimps are lettuce wraps, a very healthy substitute of spring rolls. Its crunchy lettuce wrapped around a mixture of spicy minced chicken and water chestnuts, a healthy feast!



Pf Changs hot n sour soup is highly recommended to tantalize your taste buds, their signature sauces, tofu, Bok choy and carrots make an ultimate combination. It’s the kind of soup you would crave to have again.


The Savory highlights are signature Lo-mein noodles, Kung-pao-chicken and Mongolian beef. Lo-mein noodles are basically egg noodles tossed in Asian vegetable, mushrooms and savory soya sauce, if you want to add more flavor there is a choice meat and vegetables given. Pf changs has their own sauces that they use to prepare all their dishes. Mongolian beef is sweet soy glazed, flank and tender steak that will melt in your mouth, with a hit of garlic and lots of spring onions garnish. What goes best with Mongolian beef is Kung-pao-chicken, this dish is enriched with strong flavors and textures. it has spicy Sichuan chili sauce, with peanuts, green onions and red chili peppers. The best part is that these dishes are accompanied by complimentary helping of steamed brown or white rice.




Pf changs prepares their food with immense love and excellence to make every local and tourists visit a memorable one. Their attentive service and ambiance is highly commendable.
To experience the best service and food Dubai mall and Emirates mall’s branch are recommended to visit.


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