Pakistani bride who went viral after honeymooning alone reunites with husband

January 7, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

Huma and her husband, Arsalaan, in Paris, after they embarked on a second honeymoon together (Collect/PA Real Life)

A Pakistani bride forced to go on her honeymoon alone after her new husband was denied a visa revealed that the two finally managed to take the romantic trip together, Daily Mail reported.

Huma Mobin´s story went viral last summer when she posted hilarious snaps of her holidaying in Greece alone on Facebook, after architect husband Arsalaan Sever, 29, was denied a visa. But now, the pair have managed to go on their dream honeymoon around Europe together.

“The trip has been amazing, we´ve been treated like royalty,” said Arsalaan.

Pakistani couple Huma, 29, who works in advertising, and Arsalaan first met at a wedding back in March 2013. They´d known of each other for a while through family, but hadn´t met in person until then.

After he proposed over dinner, the pair tied the knot in Lahore, Pakistan in December 2015. They planned a 10-day honeymoon to Greece with all their family.

But their dreams were dashed when Arsalaan´s visa was rejected, meaning that Huma had to take her in-laws on holiday without him. “I was bamboozled, I had no idea why it was rejected,” he said.

Huma added: “I was really scared. I cried at first, I told him I couldn´t go but he said to trust him and that I would have fun.

“His family are really amazing people. His mum told me being married was about keeping your independence too, so I went on the trip with her and did everything we were planning.”

Over 10 days, Huma and her in-laws journeyed around Greece, staying in Athens, Crete and Santorini – a trip costing around £3300. “As we´d already paid, a lot of money would have been lost if neither of us went,” the couple explained.

Taking to Facebook, she posted tongue-in-cheek pictures of herself pulling distraught poses at all the landmarks she and her new husband had planned to visit together.

Quickly capturing internet surfers´ attention, her post was shared thousands of times across the globe.

“We never expected the post to go viral,” said Huma. “I don´t know what it was about the post that made people share it. Maybe it was because authentic and made people smile.

“We´ve had some negativity from people who think I should have stayed with Arsalaan, but there´s been a lost of positivity too.”

Arsalaan added that the pictures played on had a private joke between the couple, started when he went on a business trip to Budapest without her and sent her photos of him with his arm outstretched.

After hearing about their plight, IHG Rewards Club – the loyalty programme of InterContinental Hotels Group – gifted the pair one million points, so they could finally embark on their honeymoon together.

Currently, they are in Rome after travelling through Spain, France and Portugal. They spent Christmas in Barcelona and New Year´s Eve in Paris.

On 6 January, they´ll heading home after their 14 day trip, which they estimate would have cost around £8500.

Huma said “It was pretty lonely on my first honeymoon, but I never expected my pictures to capture so much attention.”

She continued: “I want to say a huge thank you to IHG Rewards Club for enabling us to finally embark on such a romantic trip together. It´s much more fun travelling with my husband – although honeymooning solo really wasn´t that bad.”

Arsalaan added: “Back in July, it was really tough seeing my newlywed bride honeymooning without me, but this has certainly made up for it – we´ve just had the best time.”S