Indian YouTuber detained for “Kissing prank”

January 14, 2017
Syeda Sarah Hasan


Indian YouTuber Sumit Verma has been imprisoned after posting a video in which he played a disgusting prank by walking up to random women in public places, kissing them and running away.

According to the Delhi police spokesman Deependra Pathak, this matter was taken very seriously and Sumit was interrogated by the cyber police. Verma claimed that the women in his video were actors.

Sumit made an apology and deleted his “prank video” after a severe civic reaction. A case was registered against him last week.

There were several reported cases of groping sin southern Bangalore at New Year’s Eve which was already causing fury in India and this video was posted around the same time, hence it fumed up the Indians.

The YouTuber  has more than 150,000 subscribers to his channel “Crazy Sumit” Verma said that he had made the video “for entertainment and had no intention of hurting anybody“.

Mr Varma has now told police that the women in the clip were paid actors, as he gave them a share of the money he made from posting the video to YouTube and so far no women have come forward to register a complaint against him despite a police appeal. However the police still decided to register a case after watching the video.

News of Mr Varma’s arrest has brought many people to express their views on Twitter.