After the anchor slapping video went viral, Twitter turned up a new trend: #TVAnchorUnjustAssault

October 22, 2016

K21 Anchor Full Slap 21-10

KARACHI: After the video of an FC guard slapping a TV anchor at the NADRA office went viral, people started talking about how the anchor in question, Saima Kanwal, had asked for it, completely devolving the guard from any condemnation and underplaying his act.

However, as of today, a new trend has started on Twitter with people calling the guard out on his unjust attack on the woman, at the same time verbally bashing those who spoke of only the anchor’s fault as misogynists.

However, some were of the opinion that:

The incident has divided the nation and started a new debate: Was the anchor to be blamed for irresponsible and provocative reporting, or is the guard to be blamed for physically assaulting a woman? –SAMAA