Qandeel Baloch selfies with Mufti Qavi go viral

June 21, 2016

Internet sensation Qandeel Baloch took social media by storm as she posted on her Facebook page at least three selfies of herself with Mufti Abdul Qavi.

One of the pictures shows Qandeel playfully posing for the selfie with Mufti Qavi’s signature hat on her head, while latter is holding a cell phone to his ear. Another picture shows Qandeel posing with Mufti Qavi, sitting next to him.

Talking to media, Qandeel claimed that Mufti Qavi had invited her to meet him in a hotel for Iftar.

She said that Mufti Qavi had been persuading her since quite some time to meet, adding that the religious scholar had publicly professed his likeness for her.


However, Mufti Qavi said that Qandeel Baloch was “like a daughter to him”, and that he was trying to bring her to “the right path”.

“I met Qandeel on her insistence and she has promised me that not only she will fast during Ramzan, she will also offer her prayers regularly,” he said.

“She asked me to arrange her meeting with Imran Khan as she wants to discuss the treatment meted out to her by some people during PTI rallies. Since I am the head of PTI’s religious wing, I agreed that I would talk to Imran Khan,” he added. –Samaa


  1. Jawad   June 22, 2016 10:49 am/ Reply

    Why is this even a news? leave these people alone they are not bothering you and publish news about poverty, corruption, lack of education and health facilities.

  2. Fahad Khan   June 23, 2016 10:29 am/ Reply

    Qandeel Baloch in the news again.

    Step aside Meera, Qandeel Baloch is here to steal your limelight. Yes, Meera with years of film experience below her belt is not match for so-called model-cum-actress-singer Qandeel Baloch with zero miles on her experience meter.
    The latest news doing the rounds is Ms. Baloch’s video with a Mufti Sahab as she sits almost draped over him – patting him and shaking hands with the mufti who to give him some credit was reluctant to do so.
    Qandeel Baloch doesn’t even need a show to make waves in the news – none of the talk/morning/ramazan shows’ hosts can hold a candle to this girl – notoriously hungry for fame.
    She first made an appearance albeit failed in Geo Networks’ singing show Pakistan Idol where she croaked a ditty she attributed to Hadiqa Kyani – but she sang the song so badly that Hadiqa was horrified.
    After this failed stint Qandeel Baloch used Facebook as her platform to fame and she has succeeded. But the latest “halal selfie” with Mufti Qavi has gone viral bringing her more fame (and shame to the maulvi).

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