Faisalabad university issues strict dresscode guidelines

May 10, 2016


FAISALABAD: National Textile University in Faisalabad issued a strict dress code policy to be followed by all of its students, staff and faculty. 

The notice, issued on April 27 by Professor Muhammad Ashfaq, the registrar, on April 27, said: “In order to promote a positive image of the NTU and to maintain good moral, religious and cultural values among the faculty, staff and students, a dress code has been issued and faculty members, staff and security personnel have been asked to ensure its implementation.”

For the men on campus, the university has banned shorts, sleeveless shirts and shawls.

For women, the notice stated they should not wear jeans and tights, sleeveless or half-sleeved shirts and abstain from putting on “excessive make-up” and “expensive jewelry.”

Furthermore, it says no “unprofessional attire” can be worn to “formal programs and interviews.” Also, everyone on campus have been told not to wear “stylish sun glasses” or a dress that bears “art/slogan and picture printed”.

faislabad NTU 001

The notification has attracted online comment on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Some people are hailing the 13-rule-notification policing the dress code for men and women on campus.


Others said there is a need to hold the men accountable for their behaviour.