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Unlock Facebook Messenger’s dark mode by sending a moon emoji

March 4, 2019
Unlock Facebook Messenger’s dark mode by sending a moon emoji

It's still in the testing phase

Facebook is testing a new interface in which you will be able to put your Messenger app into ‘dark mode’. It can be enabled by sending a crescent moon emoji to someone through the app.

After sending the emoji, your phone’s screen will fill with falling crescent emojis and a pop-up will appear, which will take you to the Settings option. You can switch the “Mode on” from there, which will darken the app’s background.

As mentioned in Gadget Match, dark mode is preferable for phones with OLED displays, but can also be accessed on LCD phones. However, the feature is for testing purposes and may not be available for every Facebook user.

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The purpose of the dark interface is to put focus on chat experience and reduce distractions in the app. “Messenger is really powerful but if you look at something like this, I don’t know if the first word you would use is ‘simple,” said Facebook’s Product Manager David Breger.

According to Digital Trends, activating dark mode would increase the battery life of Android phones due to the lower brightness of the screen. The black background is easier on the eyes than the all-white screen.

Facebook recently launched its ‘Unsend messages’ feature, which lets you delete your messages under 10 minutes, whether it was to a single person or a group. The tool isn’t foolproof though, as recipients will still get an alert letting them know you deleted it.

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