Social media users freak out as Instagram and Facebook crash

What would we do without social media? Sadly, many users around the world were forced to face this terrifying prospect on Wednesday when Facebook and Instagram services went down.

People on Instagram and WhatsApp — which are also owned by Facebook — had trouble trying to post photos or videos.

However, in true Twitter fashion, users came up with the hashtag #FacebookDown, which trended across the world.

Reactions to the outage were mixed: some were indifferent, others were freaking out. No matter how one was feeling, though, it’s clear that during and following the outage, Twitter provided the perfect platform to gripe about and poke fun at the social media giant’s mishap.

The issues were not specific to a particular region, affected different accounts differently and were a result of a networking configuration issue. Most accounts faced issues for about 90 minutes.

Thankfully we still have Twitter in these dark times and everyone dutifully flocked to the site to freak out together.

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