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Man arrested for threatening Google for ‘deleting’ his YouTube account

March 13 , 2019

Photo: AFP

A man was arrested for threatening violence and showing up at Google’s Mountain View, California Headquarters after his account was deleted from YouTube, Buzzfeed News reported on Tuesday.

Thirty-three-year-old Kyle Long lives in Maine and drove 3,300 miles to California to recover his account. It was later discovered that his wife had removed his account and did not tell him as she feared that he would lose his temper in front of their kids.

Long had only posted a single video on his account. According to his father, Kevin Long, the video was a ‘bizarre’ and ‘rambling’ guide to get rich. The father told the police that Long had a history of mental illness and getting into trouble with the police. He reported that it was possibly because of a drunk driving accident in his teens, in which his close friend had died.

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“He came up with this crazy idea to make everyone millionaires,” Long’s father told Buzzfeed. “She [his wife] told him Google or Facebook must have taken it down because you can’t put stupid sh*t on there.”

Long was arrested by the Mountain View police for threatening Google on Sunday.

In April 2018, a woman shot several people at YouTube’s California Headquarters and killed herself. She said that YouTube had discriminated against her and filtered her videos.

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