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Oppo’s foldable phone reminds us of the Huawei Mate X

February 25, 2019

Photo: Oppo VP Shen Yiren Brian

Oppo showed off the design of its foldable phone on Monday.

Company’s VP Shen Yiren Brian shared the images on his personal Weibo page. He clarified, however, that Oppo isn’t planning to ship the prototype device yet unless it sees a lot of demand for it. He asked for people’s feedback to gauge consumer interest regarding the device.

The pictures show that the company is leaning towards Huawei’s design more than Samsung’s in the sense that the phone has only one display that folds outward.

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Folding phones have been one of the talking points at the Mobile World Congress 2019, as companies race against each other to show off the first generation of the nascent technology.

Photo: Oppo VP Shen Yiren Brian

Samsung was the first to unveil its Galaxy Fold, followed by Huawei with its Mate X.

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