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Take a look at leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S10

January 4, 2019

Photo: Evan Blass/Twitter

Pictures of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 appear to have leaked again.

Well-known leaker Evan Blass posted a photo of the Beyond 1 (the standard 5.8-inch model) that shows its hole-punch display with a spot in the corner for the lone selfie camera. The icons are unsurprisingly blurred out to avoid giving too much away, but the image provides an otherwise clear view of the front design.

While Samsung hasn’t completely eliminated bezels (it needs one for the top speaker), they’re now so small that they make the Galaxy S9’s seem enormous by comparison.

Beyond 1 and its 6.4-inch Beyond 2 counterpart (likely to be called the S10 Plus) are expected to share many of the same features. That includes the likely use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor in some regions (and Samsung’s Exynos 9820 chip in others) and, quite possibly, reverse wireless charging to top up other devices.

However, the larger phone is poised to include two front cameras and three rear cameras where the Beyond 1 would include ‘just’ one front cam and two rear shooters. There’s also talk of a “lite” 5.8-inch S10 (Beyond 0) that would trim specs to keep the price down, as well as a 5G-equipped, 6.7-inch Beyond X device for the no-compromise crowd.

If rumors are accurate, you’ll have to wait until sometime in February, possibly at or near the Mobile World Congress, to see the S10 family. You might also see Samsung’s Infinity Flex-based foldable phone at the same time.


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