Dad creates app that freezes kids’ phones until they answer your texts

Photo: AFP

Tired of your children ignoring your calls and messages while on their smartphones? Well, one father is sick of it too and appears to have found the ultimate solution to this issue.

A dad launched an app that disables a child’s text messages until they answer their parent’s messages.

The ReplyASAP app makes the child’s messages “unmissable between people that matter, since important messages shouldn’t be missed,” according to the app’s creator, Nick Herbert.

The app allows you to freeze your child’s phone and even sound an alarm in silent mode. The app essentially forces teenagers to stop what they are doing and reply to worried parents.

Until the parent/guardian receives the message, they won’t be able to use any other functions on their Android phone.

Nick Herbert launched the Android app 18-months ago and says more than 100,000 people have downloaded it. He acknowledges that some people may find the technology intrusive, but says it has actually improved his relationship with his son.

Mike Herbert with his son Ben

“From a safety perspective, if I send him a message it will tell me where he is at the time when the message arrives on his phone.”

Only available for Android mobiles, Herbert has revealed plans to roll out the app for Apple users soon.