You can’t sign up for Netflix on your iPhone anymore

Netflix doesn’t want to give Apple a 30% cut of its in-app subscriptions anymore

Photo: Netflix

As Netflix subscribers with iOS devices will soon learn, you can’t sign up through the iOS app anymore. This is because Netflix no longer supports iTunes as a payment method for new members.

It started testing the new feature in August and rolled it out for all users in November.

People wanting to pay for a subscription will now have to do so via the platform’s website. That includes those who used to pay via iTunes if it’s been a month since they canceled their subscription.

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VentureBeat noted that Apple takes a 15 to 30% cut from in-app subscriptions, and that has been a growing point of contention between the tech giant and app developers. Now, Netflix can pocket all the proceeds from its iOS customers — and the additional money it can earn by not sharing with Apple will likely be substantial, seeing as it occupies the top spot in the list of iOS apps with the largest revenue.

While bypassing iTunes payments could affect smaller applications, it is doubtful that this decision will impact Netflix’s subscription numbers in any way. Besides, the streaming titan knows what it’s doing: it dropped the option to pay via Google Play earlier this year too.