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Govt intends to use social media to present a positive image of Pakistan

December 1 , 2018

The government intends to use social media to present a positive image of Pakistan, said Iftikhar Durrani, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Media.

Sharing the vision of the prime minister, Durrani said that social media platforms should be used to resolve citizens’ problems.

He was addressing a workshop organized by the National IT Board in collaboration with Facebook.

Nasir Naqvi, executive director at NITB, said that governments around the world are using social media to better inform and engage with their citizens. “From the passing of new legislation and policies to large-scale developments, government must now actively participate in the public conversation which is why embracing this new era of social media discourse is critical,” said Naqvi.

“We have programs with tech startups, SMEs and civic society groups in Pakistan who have successfully used social media,” said Facebook’s Politics and Government Outreach Manager in Asia-Pacific Roy Tan, adding that the government needs to engage on social media to help create an informed community in Pakistan.

Imran Ghazali, a digital media strategist, said it is important for the government to organize digital media assets as it will provide the government an opportunity to have an authentic voice and show the positive side of Pakistan to the world.


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