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Samsung releases foldable smartphone prototype for developers

November 8, 2018

Photo: Engadget

Samsung revealed a flexible display at its 2018 developer conference in San Francisco. The phone is still in the prototype stage but Samsung wanted developers to see how UI and UX works on flexible displays so they can make optimised apps.

Samsung explained how it used panel bending technology and a new protective layer with a flexible and tough polymer in the phone. Samsung also claimed to have used an adhesive to ensure the display stays together in folded and expanded forms. The display is super thin, flexible and durable.

The phone is like a book when folded and the cover displays the weather and time. It has a 7.3-inch display that functions like a mini tablet. Three apps can be used simultaneously as part of its multi-active window.

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Google is working with Samsung so that Android can work well on flexible displays. The phone is slated to launch next year. The phone will come in handy with its folding option for people looking for larger phones and smaller tablets.

In 2012, Sony’s Tablet P had tried to bring together a foldable pocket-sized smartphone but failed.


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