Pakistani lawn exhibitions can learn from Adidas Augmented Reality method of selling

November 3, 2018

Photo: Engadget

Adidas is using Augmented Reality technology to ensure that its customers get what they want without fighting for the shoes, something that retailers such as Pakistani lawn exhibitions can learn from.

People attending the Addidas ComplexCon to buy limited edition sneakers first download the ComplexCon app for iOS and Android. Once customers are inside the venue, the application will give them information about where to “Unlock the Drop” at spots inside. Users point their phones toward the ARpowered signs and follow instructions to pick a size and finish the checkout process. Customers can then go to a designated locker at ComplexCon and pick up the model that they bought.

“A transaction that would have taken over two hours in the past is now served within minutes of the AR release,” Chris Murphy, Adidas North America’s senior director of digital activation, told Engadget. “At events like ComplexCon you have a very diverse mix of attendees that go from resellers, collectors to fashion enthusiasts and culture makers… and everyone gets a fair chance at the same release.”

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They have plans to introduce more access to their products through the digital lens in the future. The move came after last year’s ComplexCon turned chaotic and people ended up fighting for pairs.

This would all happen without any interaction with Adidas’ staff. Adidas hopes that the Unlock the Drop feature would keep people from fighting for pairs.

At Pakistani lawn exhibitions, chaos unfolds as customers crowd the venues which often are not designed around crowd control. Fights often break out between customers and with staff over the choice and stock of suits. No company can provide enough staffers to manage such large crowds. Ideally some form of technology would help streamline the process from choice to checkout.


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