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LG may soon introduce a phone with 16 cameras

November 27 , 2018

Photo: AFP

Photo lovers rejoice! LG may soon introduce a phone with a whopping 16 camera lenses.

The company is seeking a patent for the phone design. The patent has matrix arrangements of 16 cameras with different curvatures to take pictures of an object from different angles, reported The Verge.

Photo Courtesy: LetsGoDigital

The idea is to capture moving image through multiple lenses. The users can play around and apply photo effects as well. Since the photos will be taken from 16 different lenses, an object can be replaced with another image captured from the other lens.

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Photo Courtesy: LetsGoDigital

The patent also shows a mirror for selfies and a flash below the lens-cluster. Several images taken from different lenses can also be merged into one, the same technology Google uses for the Pixel 3 for HDR.

Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy A9 with four cameras and there are rumours of a five-camera Nokia phone as well.

There is no surety that LG will use the patent but the idea of a 16-lens camera phone is fascinating nevertheless.


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