Chrome to ad-block entire website with abusive advertisements

November 6, 2018

Source: AFP

The new version of Google Chrome will ad-block the entire website if it shows abusive advertisements. This means that all the ads on such websites will be blocked, even if all of them are not abusive.

The feature comes with Chrome 71, the newest version of Google’s internet browser, which is set to release in December, this year. Abusive ads are generally advertisements that cause your browser to misbehave by redirecting them to other sites, generate system error messages, or attempt to steal personal information.

Source: Google

If abusive ads are found on a website, it will be given a 30-day grace period to take off these ads and make the website more secure. Failing to do so, will result in Google blocking every add on the website.

This is not Google’s first attempt in solving this age-old problem. In Chrome 68, an older version of the browser, websites with abusive ads were prevented from opening new tabs or windows.

Chrome 71 will allow users to disable this feature, but it is recommended that it should remain enabled. Blocking ads will significantly cut the revenue of flagged websites, forcing them to put an effort into making their sites more secure.


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