AI lie detectors to be tested at EU airports

November 5, 2018

Source: AFP

Passengers will now be questioned by AI-powered lie detectors at border checkpoints of some EU countries.

The project, named iBorderCtrl, will be tested at border crossings points in Hungary, Latvia, and Greece.

The system will ask the passengers to fill out an online application and upload scanned copies of their passports, after which an automated virtual border guard will take control. These virtual guards will then ask a number of questions and use micro-gestures to tell whether a person is lying or not.

If the system finds any of the answers suspicious, then it will take the passenger’s biometric information and pass the case to a human agent. Those who pass the test will be given a QR code that lets them through.

“We’re employing existing and proven technologies, as well as novel ones, to empower border agents to increase the accuracy and efficiency of border checks,” Project Coordinator George Boultadakis told the European Commission. “iBorderCtrl’s system will collect data that will move beyond biometrics and on to biomarkers of deceit.”

Trial runs have shown that the system has a success rate of 76%, iBorderCtrl is still in its experimental phase.


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