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YouTube Gaming can now be found on the main website

September 19 , 2018

Photo: Twitter

Gamers have a home on YouTube now. A new gaming destination is available for gamers at youtube.com/gaming as announced by YouTube Gaming via a tweet. 

The reason why YouTube has closed down its dedicated gaming app is to reach the entire gaming community as YouTube.com has a far bigger reach. A separate page for gaming has been launched on the main YouTube platform.

Personalised gaming content appears on top of the page based on what users would like to watch. Top live games, trending videos, top live streams and recommended videos of gaming are featured on the gaming page.

YouTube will be launching Gaming Creator on the Rise as well to help smaller creators grow. It will be featured in the main trending tab on YouTube every Sunday and on the Trending tab for gaming for the entire week. This feature will be for the United States initially.

According to YouTube’s Global Head of Gaming, Ryan Wyatt, gaming is having its biggest year on YouTube.

The YouTube Gaming app was launched in 2015.


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