Students in India have a chance to win INR 5m at the PUBG tournament

PUBG Mobile is the latest mobile gaming sensation attracting players of all ages to compete in an online fight to the death.

To buy many items in PUBG, you need actual cash. At the PUBG Mobile eSports Campus Championship 2018, however, students from over 1,000 colleges in more than 30 Indian cities will have a chance to win money. The total prize pool is INR five million , with INR 1.5 million for first place and 0.5 million for second.

Winnings breakdown -Source: PUBG Mobile website

Participants can register in a teams of four. There will be four knockout rounds, including semi-finals, to shortlist 20 teams to compete in the final. Registrations will go live on the PUBG official website on September 23. Tencent Games, the publisher of PUBG Mobile, has partnered with Oppo India for the tournament.

The gameplay of PUBG is centered around the concept of a ‘battle royale’, a type of large-scale last man standing death match. Around 100 players are para-dropped onto an island with no weapons or supplies. Players then find supplies and loot in abandoned buildings and homes scattered across the island and in the process they must kill other players they come across on the map.

Every few minutes, the playable area of the map shrinks down towards a random location on the map. Players caught outside the safe area take incremental damage and are eventually eliminated if they do not enter the safe zone in time. The last man, or team, standing wins.

The game is inspired by a Japanese dystopian thriller film called Battle Royale which was released in 2000.