LEGO made a life-size Bugatti Chiron that can be driven

LEGO has built a life-size, drivable Bugatti Chiron entirely out of LEGO Technic elements.

The model, made of 1 million LEGO pieces, was created by a team of 16 specialists including designers, technicians, and electricians at the LEGO facility in Kladno, Czech Republic.

The team spent over 13,000 hours creating the 1,500kg masterpiece.

The car is powered by over 2,000 LEGO power function motors combining to give enough power to go over 20kph.

The entire assembly has been done by hand and no glue was used.

The team began by drawing everything on computers but soon realized that they will have to figure out a lot of things along the way and cannot illustrate every part and every movement on computers.

To achieve the curves like the real Chivron, a skin made out of small LEGO triangles connected by flexible hinges was used.

The LEGO team successfully executed two main challenges: recreating the iconic red light bar and the rear wing.

The car was tested at Bugatti’s Ehra Lessien test track outside Wolfsburg, Germany – the same track where the original Bugatti Chiron was tested – by the official test driver and former Le Mans winner, Andy Wallace.